Where do your checkoff dollars go?

Checkoff dollars from pulse crop producers are used within four main pillars to improve and promote the pulse industry in our state and across the nation. These pillars are: Domestic Marketing, International Marketing, Information & Government Policy and Research & Grower Education. By focusing on these major areas, we are making our industry better in the present and future for higher quality products and better profitability for our farmers.

Domestic Marketing

Our domestic marketing pillar has four major priority programs: consumers, innovation, foodservice and public health.


  • Direct-to-consumer and media-focused outreach
  • Blogger and influencer programs
  • Social media promotion
  • Advertising
  • National event exposure and participation

Food Service

  • Research & Development outreach
  • School foodservice programs
  • Chef immersion events
  • Trade show exposure


  • Ingredient outreach and support
  • Events and technical seminars
  • Market research

Public Health

  • Nutrition policy promotion
  • Health professionals outreach and event exposure
  • Nutrition education outreach

International Marketing

International marketing efforts are an important pillar that focuses on bringing high quality USA pulses to the world’s stage. We carefully balance the challenges and opportunities present in international demands such as:

  • Trade relations
  • Addressing trade barriers
  • Consumers
  • Technical

information & government policy

Advocating for pulse crops on the state and federal level is a crucial way we look after the interests of Montana pulse crop growers. There are four major ways we do this:

  • Government Education
  • Information and Communication Projects
  • Committee Support
  • Membership Services

Research & Grower Education

Research dollars are used in a variety of different ways for pulse growers and consumers. Projects we fund fall into the following categories:

  • Breeding and Variety
  • Trials and Genetics
  • Crop Management and Sustainability
  • Nutrition and Health Benefits
  • Product Development

“Invest in and deliver support for marketing, research, education, and policy development programming that improves return on investment for the pulse producers of Montana.”