About The Pulse Crop Committee

The Montana Pulse Crop Committee was created by and for our state’s pulse crop producers with funding by the Montana check-off for dry peas, lentils, and chickpeas. The committee oversees the Pulse Crop Market Development Program administered by the Montana Department of Agriculture. We invite proposals to fund research and market development projects that address our state’s pulse industry needs and opportunities.

Our Committee Members

Contact Info

(406) 438-7570

Liz Edmundson

Executive Director

Contact Info

PO Box 172860
Bozeman, Montana 59717

Bajwa Sreekala

Dean of Agriculture of MSU-Bozeman, Ex-Officio

Contact Info

302 N Roberts
Helena, Montana 59601

Christy Clark

Director of the Department of Agriculture, Ex-Officio

Contact Info

153 Vida East Rd
Vida, Montana 59274

Brian Aklestad

Member At-Large

Contact Info

Vida, Montana 59274

Ryan Bogar

Chairman Eastern District

Contact Info

(406) 621-0541
P.O. Box 366
Fort Benton, MT 59442

Jeff Winkler

Pulse Industry Representative

Contact Info

Gildford, Montana 59525

Todd Hansen

Member At-Large

Contact Info

(406) 783-7086
691 Mail Route Rd
Flaxville, Montana 59222

Paul Kanning

Vice Chair Eastern District

Contact Info

Geraldine, Montana 59446

Blaine Juedeman

Member from a western district