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The infographic highlights Montana’s significant contribution to the production of dry edible peas, chickpeas, and lentils in the United States. It emphasizes the substantial increase in production value from 2021, with dry edible pea production alone rising by 109%.
The 16th Halloween-themed Pulse Pipeline issue provides an in-depth analysis of global chickpea production, import, and export data, focusing on key players such as Australia, India, Canada, Pakistan, the EU, Mexico, and the United States. It details the rise of chickpea exports and imports in various countries, the impact of tariffs and weather events on production, and the consequent shifts in the global market. It also touches on the U.S. pulse industry’s performance and future prospects, along with a Halloween-themed chickpea recipe and a list of upcoming industry events.
The USDA’s ERP 2022 fact sheet describes disaster recovery assistance for commodity and specialty crop producers affected by natural disasters in 2022. It details eligibility for a two-track process for emergency relief, outlining how payments are calculated based on existing federal crop insurance data or through the Noninsured Crop Disaster Assistance Program, and includes additional provisions for underserved producers.